Our Story

Employee Ownership: What it means to our clients and families

Each and every staff member has a personal, vested interest in providing the highest quality of care. The benefits of employee ownership are tremendous, including a long-term stable staff, which results in more personalized care for our clients. Medicalodges, Inc. was the first senior care company in the United States to be employee owned, and remains one of the largest employee-owned companies in the country.

Our Commitment

Medicalodges believes in providing the highest quality of care for our clients with friendly, attentive service. Our highly skilled, dedicated staff is here to serve with one goal in mind – to make each client’s experience with us a positive, life-affirming experience. Medicalodges believes that the quality of life our clients enjoy is as important to them as the quality of care. Consequently, our employees know more than their jobs. They understand the importance of a kind word, a gentle touch and the healing power of a smile. Compassion enhances our care every day. At New Hope Services, you will find professional, compassionate and affordable care. That is our pledge. That is the Medicalodges’ commitment to you.

New Hope Services is committed to enhance the lives of others with caring hands.

By enhance, we mean providing choices, enabling personal control, reducing barriers, building strengths, providing protection and safety, promoting wellness, improving life experiences, and preserving rights and dignity.

By caring, we mean showing respect, giving of ourselves, acknowledging dignity, and providing kindness, understanding and politeness while being attentive, courteous, considerate, mindful and protective.

By others, we mean persons with developmental disabilities, their families, friends, coworkers, and communities.